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The Original Unexplained Taste. A taste so peculiar, yet so familiar. You can put your hand around it, but you can't put a finger on it. Intense, mystifying, aromatic, heady, sensuous, smooth and, right down to the last drop. Which leaves it absolutely indescribable. The taste of the unknown. The taste of Sarsiology. Have you tasted it?

Sars is a twenty-something living in New York City who is trying to lose weight and get ripped like a SOLDIER. In her spare time she draws men getting it on with men and also writes about men getting it on with men. She has no love life to speak of and often labels herself as a homebody. She spends her weekends outside running for many hours and listening to cheesy songs to get her blood pumping and she also spends many many hours sitting on her butt in front of her computer when she isn't instantly replying to your comments.

Her great loves include FFVII, food, running, reading, drawing, and sleeping.

She also likes reviews and comments on her creative endeavors.

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