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27 August 2009 @ 04:03 pm
School starts on Monday. I am very sad. *emo face*

But what I came to do is pimp my new chappie of Desert Garden.

Part Nineteen
17 August 2009 @ 06:52 pm
edit: For some reason the chapter isn't showing apostrophes or quotation marks.....even though my original .htm file had them...and I can't find where to manually edit the chapter to include them. Help?

Never mind. Figured that out. That was annoying to say the least...

New Chapter this way

Yes, I am shocked too.


Leave me lovins!
17 August 2009 @ 11:47 am
As we speak I have acquired a day off and some cookies, and...dare I say it, the inspiration to write something. Ever since I got my sexy iPhone I've been reading fanfiction on the go. 'Tis a beautiful thing. I feel bad about neglecting my fic. so I'm going to start finishing it up. Here's hoping people will still want to read it. XD Life has gotten pretty hectic since I updated last so I couldn't really help it, but I still want to see my vision through. I miss getting inspired, sitting down, and then writing 'til my eyes cross.
03 August 2009 @ 12:22 am
Hospitals would suck less if they weren't coldroom temperature and if they had actually thought about people who stay overnight in the rooms.

In short, I am freezing and this chair is full of fail.

I guess I can't complain too much though. I'm getting paid to chart down whenever the nurses give meds/take vitals and report if doctors came in or test results were explained. Which basically means I'm sitting here reading fanfiction on my new iPhone.


I have had entirely too many visits to hospitals in the last few weeks, though. But I am actually considering becoming a nurse.
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01 August 2009 @ 06:41 am
Yesterday at work, while having a discussion with the cheating bastard about cheating, he asked me what I thought marriage should be, and this interaction took place.

Me: "When you're married you have to stick through, thick and thin."
Cheating Bastard: "I've stuck through."
Me: "Yeah, through thick and thin GIRLS."
CB: "*pwnt*"
Female Co-workers: "*high five me*"

I'm a funny bitch.
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20 July 2009 @ 05:03 pm
Hey. Thank you all who have left me some really nice messages regarding my grandfather.

If anyone has fic recs for FFVII (not Amarissia or Staci) I would greatly appreciate it. Especially if it's Generoth or Zangeal.
05 July 2009 @ 09:23 pm
I have returned from back packing through part of Europe! It was amazing. I am done with trains for a while though. I also gained ten pounds mostly due to Germany and its awesome trifecta of sausage, bread, and beer. Prague and Munich were my favorite places--so beautiful.

And hey--Michael Jackson's dead. Someone always dies when I go on vacation. LOL.

I need to eat and sleep, but pictures will soon follow!
15 June 2009 @ 02:41 pm
I got an A in Biology!

This past semester has been really tough. Working almost full time and putting in crazy hours studying stuff I never thought I'd ever be studying a few years ago has really wiped me out. Add on top of that a strict exercise schedule and the need to keep my food healthy and I was going just a little nuts.

Despite the C in Nutrition (and I really think that was about the teacher more than anything) I managed to get over a 3.0 for the semester and I am pleased. Transitions are always extra hard for me. I don't take well to change, but I'd have to consider this a success.

Leaving for Eurotrip on Saturday! I can't even believe I'm doing this. I'm scared and nervous and excited!
10 June 2009 @ 11:24 am
I have always lamented the lack of cute bathing suits for fat chicks. I have never really felt comfortable with wearing bathing suits so I've pretty much always worn a t-shirt and men's swim trunks to the beach/pool, but I want to get a tan these days and I feel more comfortable with my body.

I finally found a cute bathing suit that has booby support and flatters my figure! And I got it at Marshall's for 20 bucks. It was like fate. BOOM! Size 14 cute bathing suit in my face.

Me gonna get a sexy tan this summer!

Less than two weeks to Eurotrip!
08 June 2009 @ 10:29 pm
I finally have my computer back. I've been so busy these last few days. Today was my only free-ish day and I ended up having to run around places anyway. Saturday I had just come from from working 24 hours straight at my job (2pm Friday to 2pm Saturday the next day, ugh) and went straight to hanging out with my friends and buying EuroRail tickets. Roundtrip tickets to Poland and the EuroRail tix ended up being $1500 together. Kind of more than I had hoped to spend but I'm not too upset since I did save up for the trip and I'm excited to do the whole backpacking thing. I even bought a backpacking backpack, LOL. And a packable rain jacket. And hiking shoes. I'm such a dork. I am so happy about these purchases. And they will come in handy for all my future hikes and camping trips.

But back to my computer--I had to go to an Apple store today and buy a new battery for my laptop because mine just stopped charging altogether. It was only holding its charge for about 45 minutes before it reached depletion but still....I thought I would have more of a warning. These things happen I guess. My computer is a little over two years old though (I bought it in April of 2007). Damn you, Apple. That battery was an unexpected 130 bucks spent.

I have a tan! I went to Coney Island just to bask in the sun on the beach on Sunday and I got one without burning. They weren't letting anyone in the water because it was contaminated by sewage. LOL, New York. Yay for sun though. I bought a sexy new bathing suit today for the beach since I intend to do plenty of sunbathing this summer. I went straight from the beach to the gym. I am such a gym rat.

I'm doing low carb for the summer. So far I've lost ten pounds in a week and a half so that's pretty sweet. I bought a new blender (my old one was shot and kept spilling out of the bottom) and now I make peanut butter, soy vanilla, cinnamon, and whey protein shakes with a dash of glutomine for muscle recovery and metamucil for added fiber. It is made of awesome, especially with a packet of splenda.

Oh! And I started giving meds at my job. I have to get used to the bottles for pills, times for meds, and signing in on the sheets, but so far I am okay with it. We're supposed to be paid 50 cents more an hour for doing it but we're the Guild, so....never seeing that raise. I do get called for more overnights and more hours in general though so I guess that's good. I'm gonna need lots of hours when I get back from my trip...which is in less than two weeks, squee!

Okay, that's all I guess. XD